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New Orleans, LA, USA


Private Development

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This project entails the conversion of an existing warehouse structure into a multi-use facility comprising a small hotel and retail space. The renovation primarily involves the integration of a new two-story layout within the existing framework, utilizing the structural elements such as steel columns and trusses to support the new configuration.

To optimize spatial efficiency, three of the existing frames situated within the designated project footprint will be retained, ensuring structural stability and minimizing alterations to the building’s core framework. Conversely, four trusses located outside the defined project area will be removed, facilitating the accommodation of the desired layout while maintaining the integrity of the remaining structure.

Incorporating modern amenities into the historic fabric of the building, the project encompasses the installation of an elevator and a pool to enhance functionality and guest experience. Careful consideration is given to preserving the original columns and trusses, maintaining their structural integrity and architectural significance.

Furthermore, the renovation includes the re-roofing of the building, with a strategic approach to preserving portions of the roof in an open configuration. This not only allows for natural light infiltration but also serves as a nod to sustainable design practices, reducing energy consumption and fostering a connection with the building’s industrial past.

Overall, the project exemplifies the principles of historic building renovation and adaptive reuse, leveraging existing structural elements while incorporating modern amenities and sustainable features to revitalize the space for contemporary use.

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