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Lincoln Beach is an approximately 15-acre property located on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  The site is bordered on the southeast by a railroad track, flood protection levee, and a large roadway. It was established along the shores of the Lake in 1939 as a recreational area for the city’s African American population. The site was managed by the City until its closing in 1964. Since then, the structures and facilities at Lincoln Beach have gradually deteriorated over time due to lack of maintenance and a barrage of hurricane impacts, causing unsafe conditions at the site. The master planning process will facilitate additional public input and engage residents in formulating and implementing a plan that truly belongs to the community. 

Marais Consultants is working with Sasaki Landscape Architects on a Master Plan for the site which will include improved amenities for ongoing use of the site as well as shoreline improvements, beach nourishment, and new structures.  This phase of the project will also include 30% design of the Master Plan. The impetus for redeveloping this area has been spearheaded by grassroots, community organizing efforts.  Because of the extensive local interest and involvement at this site, the master plan team is acutely aware of the site’s impact on the community and the necessity for considered and inclusive design.

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